Saturday, 13 September 2014

How to Convert iPhone Storyboard in to iPad Storyboard

Some times it happens that, first we develop an iOS app for iPhone environment and latter it requires to develop same for the iPad environment in very short time of period. As a developer I face this issue. So I would like to share my experience to all of you. Don’t worry, its very simple to change  iPhone Storyboard in to iPad Storyboard .
Let me share the steps to help you understand.

Would not be a good idea if I share some images in between of textual content?  Wow.. Its great to follow.


1- Open you iPhone application.
2-Select iPhone storyboard (mostly named as “Main.Storyboard”), Using mouse or laptop keypad right click over the storyboard and select option to open As- Source Code.
See below image to better understand.

Source code will open as a XML code for all of the UI. Here is everything written as code. whatever we create UI in Scene it contains the coding part for that.

3- Find in this XML file targetRuntime="iOS.CocoaTouch"
See below image for better understanding.

4- Simple change it to targetRuntime="iOS.CocoaTouch.iPad”.
 See below image for better understanding.

don’t worry I am not going to share more steps its done all about. Now you need to come back from this XML file in to Storyboard.
Write click over Storyboard in left side panel where all files listed and Select open As - Interface builder-iOS Storyboard.

See below Images for better understanding.

Now you will see that all of Scenes of Storyboard changed to iPad size. If this not happens don’t worry we have one more steps to change it manually.
Select your view controller object in storyboard and change it size to iPad-Full screen. See below image for better understanding.

Wow its great. Now enjoy with iPad Storyboard. 

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